The Art of Celebration

The Art of Celebration is about choosing celebration in the midst of the mess. It’s about finding people and moments, conversations and sights to celebrate every day. I’ve been inspired by the Psalms and by the album of the same title by Rend Collective and I want to learn how to celebrate that God is good, even when I can’t really see Him. I want to learn to celebrate life, even when I’m not sure that things can get any worse.

I’m beginning with a two week intention but who knows how long it will run for ! It coincides with the #wholemama summer that some friends of mine have organised in the blogosphere, in a bid to help mothers find their ‘shalom’ this summer. I think celebration is where I will find my wholeness.

I will post every day and all the posts will be linked from this page. I’ve no idea how to do link ups but if you’d like to join in then use Facebook, twitter and instagram and the hashtag #theartofcelebration and we’ll find each other there.


Day 1 : The art of celebration  ‘Cold outdoor swimming – that’s kind of like my celebration. I will do it whether it looks appropriate or not. Whether it makes sense to anyone watching or whether it is unfathomable when set against the backdrop of daily circumstances .’

Day 2 : Celebrating ‘the usual things’ 

Day 3: Celebrating Generosity 

Day 4: Celebrating People and Prayer 

Day 5 & 6 : Celebrating Life 

Day 7: Celebrating a glimpse of the dreams in the heart of God 

Day 8 & 9 : Why I keep coming back for More 

Day 10&11: Catching the Light 

Day 12:  The one where I rebrand myself Party Girl 


9 thoughts on “The Art of Celebration

  1. I need to take a page from your book. Learning to celebrate life even when things become harder than I would ever have imagined. I love that you are trusting in the goodness. ❤

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