3 years on … 31 days of Hope for a Messed up Marriage ….

Welcome  !  I’ve a story which is worth sharing. Some years ago I believed that my marriage of 17 years was over. I didn’t want that to be the case, but I really thought the relationship was beyond repair. To my surprise our marriage survived and is now a thriving relationship. 

I really pray that if you’ve come to this blog because marriage is hard, and life is hard and you don’t know if you want to keep going, and you’re not sure that you can keep going,  that this will give you a glimmer of hope. Hope that God can do the  impossible. I pray that over this next month my story will encourage you and confirm that nothing can separate you from the love of God. Nothing.

I wrote about the first year of that recovery in October 2014. I’ve  come back to share some more of that story for two reasons. Firstly, when you look at our family history the presence of God with us is so evident and I want to bear witness to that. Secondly, when I was in the utter darkness of a devastated marriage, and the hard times that followed as we committed to work towards restoration I desperately wanted to read other honest accounts of what that process looked like. I couldn’t find any, and I didn’t hear any christians talking about messed up marriages and the hard work of rebuilding. So I want to put my hand up and say, hey this is what it’s like. It’s not pretty and it’s the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it is possible and by God’s grace this marriage is now a good, good thing for both of us.

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#1  The Most Important Thing 
#2  Setting the Scene
#3 Year 1: There’s no quick fix 
#4 Year 1: When there are 3 people in a marriage
#5 Year 1: Ground Rules 
#6 Year 1: Assume the good 
#7 Year 1:  Be Kind 
#8 Year 1:  Safe people 
#9 Year 1: Stay open to the possibilities
#10 Year 1: Start at the very beginning
#11 Year 1: Who are you anyway?
#12 Year 1: Love will be masked
#13 Year 1: Don’t take the fire exits
#14 Year 1: Turning Points 
#15 Year 1: Turn towards each other
#16 Year 2: Get naked
#17 Year 2: Reconnect with your heart