50 Days of Hope to End the Year

Last January I chose hope ( although it felt much more like it chose me) as my word for this year,  2014.  I could not have felt less hopeful and it felt all wrong.

Hope has taken me on an extraordinary journey. I have shared that in my blog posts which took the form of a diary of hope, and in my recent 31 days series ‘Hope for a Messed up Marriage’.

I don’t believe that hope is wishful thinking.

I don’t believe it is an intangible concept.

On the contrary I believe that Hope is the living person of Jesus Christ, and the future promise of eternity with God.  I have been a follower of Jesus all of my life, but in this past year He has become more real to me and more powerfully and intimately involved in my day to day, than ever before.

This series will take us to the end of my year of Hope ( although I think it’s now a lifetime of Hope that I’m looking forward to).  Every day I plan to share from the bible, which I believe to be the inspired word of God, and to which I have turned in desperation and expectation every day of this year. The bible is inspiring and challenging, truthful and encouraging. It enables me to understand life and to live life well. I look forward to writing these words of hope as we journey on together.

Day 1: Hope as soul food  ‘Hope has been my word for the year, and it has been an extraordinary experience to be carried through the year by a single word! In this series I will endeavour to share what I have learned of the depth and breadth and richness and life giving nature of Hope.’ 

Day 2: What are you waiting for ?  ‘For much of the time I’ve not known what it is I’m waiting for. I’ve just had a sense that when the wait is over I will know.’

Day 3: Hope – you couldn’t make it up…..   So can I encourage you today, that as you live out your weakness, your difficult situations and heartbreaking realities, you also choose to open yourself to God’s spirit.’

Day 4: Complicated and messy, mundane and confusing     ‘One of the things I love about the bible is how real it is. The characters are often people I can relate to. Their lives are complicated and messy and mundane and confusing. And they work out their faith in God within the mess. ‘

 Day 5: Hope is for celebrating today  ‘ It is the promise of God’s Kingdom. It is the promise of the future reign of justice, truth, mercy and peace. It is the promise that there is something, someone who is greater than all the darkness that currently inhabits our world.’

Day 6: Don’t quit in hard times or you might miss out on the best bits..

Day 7: Lean in  ‘When things are hard I go one of two ways – hide from God or lean in all the harder’….

Day 8: The parts we don’t see  Reflections on rainbows ..’ we’ll see it all then. As clearly as God sees us.’ 

Day 9: In the day and the night  ..’God is working in all of me. My conscious and my subconscious’

Day 10: Nothing holds us back  

Day 11: Hope will not disappoint

Day 12: Hope for all times 

Day 13: was lost in inter-continental time zone travel 🙂

Day 14: Restoration 

Day 15: You can’t praise God when you’re dead 

Day 16: Living the questions 

Day 17: So obvious I missed it 

Day 18: Unfailing Love [ guest post from Jamie W Bagley] 

Day 19: The Advent of hope 

Day 20: Narrowly avoiding disaster

Day 21: It’s not all about me 

Day 22: Love mercy 

Day 23: Near to the broken hearted 

Day 24: Finding your meadow 

Day 25: Through the door  [guest post from Cara Strickland]

Day 26: Who is she ?  

Day 27: You expect me to believe that? 

Day 28: Baby Steps 

Day 29: Don’t miss the hearts; don’t miss the love 

Day 30: Safety Advice

Day 31: Standing on the shore 

Day 32: Don’t be afraid 

Day 33: Advent Reflections 

Day 34: What about the children ? 

Day 35: He can do anything   If you read nothing else please read this. It’s a year on from the day I told my husband I believed our marriage was over. God really can do more than we can imagine.

Day 36: Through the fire

Day 37: Tell it like it is

Day 38 : In the darkness – on depression, Advent and light

Day 39: Kneeling in the dirt  – on contentment, reality and a baby 

Day 40: Following the Light  – ‘This feels possible. This Jesus wants me to find Him as I live the ordinary. As I live the life I’ve been given. As I work my way through a season full of difficult memories mixed with great joy.’

Day 41: It’s time to jump out of the plane

Day 42: Keep practising

Day 43: Patient waiting

Day 44: Christmas Day 2014

Day 45: To kiss the face of God 

Day 46: Walking in circles is still a journey 

Day 47: He has given me grace

Day 48: Limitless potential 

Day 49: When the pain remains

Day 50: All things new


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