A parable of flowers

About 5 yrs ago this wisteria was cut down by someone by mistake. It was about 50 yrs old and beautiful. We were heartbroken. We moved the summer house it had covered because it looked so bare without it. We changed our garden in many ways because of that move. Around that time all sorts of other parts of our lives were broken. A little shoot of the wisteria appeared above the ground 2 yrs ago. Last year there was so much growth we put up the archway. This year the flowers are back.


If you’ve read my story you’ll see why this speaks to me. The devastation and destruction. The time when there was nothing good to see – only the re-working of lives around the mess. Then after a couple of years of rooting, feeding, growing underground, new life appeared where it could be seen. That new life, new growth has strengthened and where there once were bare branches there are flowers. It’s not as it was but it’s beautiful.



One thought on “A parable of flowers

  1. Sometimes the old thing needs to be cut down to allow the underground work to begin afresh. God is always doing new things – I always love to see you post – checking on you kind of!!! 😉 xo


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