The Art of Celebration: Celebrating Life

I’ve been caught up in celebration for the past two days and I feel as though I’ve been lifted by the wind and set down in another place entirely. My weekend was spent travelling long distances to attend the birthday celebrations of a 16 year old and a 90 year old in different parts of the country on consecutive days.   



Celebrating life is the most fundamental, foundational, wonderful type of celebration isn’t it? Yet we take it for granted because for as long as we are alive birthdays keep coming round. As we age we say we don’t want a fuss made. Sometimes we hope that no one will mention the day. We certainly don’t want our children broadcasting our age to everyone. ‘It’s just another birthday’.

What are we thinking ?!

Life is a gift. Every day of life is a beautiful, incredible, miraculous gift.


I think we also feel self conscious about choosing to celebrate ourselves by making something special of our birthdays but that’s all wrong too!

This weekend I was moved by what an honour it is to be invited to share in the celebration of the life of another.

  • It’s connection at the deepest level.
  • It’s a chance to let another person know that they have value, not because of anything they’ve done but because they are.
  • Because they exist.
  • Because each day they are alive.
  • Because God has given them life and breath and being, and has put them here beside us and our lives are better for it.
  • It’s pure, unselfish, celebration of another.

Maybe that’s why I’ve come back feeling so uplifted. So delighted by life. So conscious that as we often turn lights off when we light the birthday candles to see them shine more brightly, so our lives are the lights in the darkness. Your life is a light in the darkness. My life is a light in the darkness.


We’re a blazing fire of light and warmth when we are altogether. Let’s celebrate each other and the God who has set his light in each of us.

‘Burn like a star

Light a fire

In our hearts

For your glory

For your fame

In this darkness

Light a flame in us.’


Rend Collective







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