Sitting in the mudroom

A few months ago I came across a new blog – The Mudroom. I read their introduction and immediately knew it was somewhere I’d feel very at home,

‘The Mudroom is a place for the stories emerging in the midst of the mess.

Our vision is simple: make room for people….

Welcome to the mudroom. It might be a mess, but that’s what it’s there for. There might be a lacrosse stick in your way, or some shoes that were shed. You might find some pine cones and cool rocks on the bench, and occasionally an escaped insect or two creeping around, a collection of artifacts from the day.

Whatever junk you’re carrying with you, you can leave it here. However much a mess you are today, the mudroom is here for you, a place to drop all the other selves we are constantly putting on and taking off, a place to catch your breath as your soul catches up with you.

We don’t have to be anything in the mudroom except our messy, marvelous, mud-caked selves. There is a hook with your name on it, with room for your stuff. All of it.’

Over the months I have sat on the floor of the mudroom with other women who’ve shared their mess in that space. Beautiful mess that tells me I’m not the only one who is seeking God in the everyday… and finding Him.

This month their theme is ‘Cyclones, storms and squalls’ and for regular readers of The Hope Diaries, it may come as no surprise to you that I was contacted by one of the editors with a message saying ,’I think you may have some experience of storms. Would you like to contribute?’

So today I’m over on the floor of the mudroom, with a post entitled ‘Camping in the Rubble’. I’m pleased to be in a place that feels so at home to me. You know that I’m mud covered and ready to slump on the floor, and I’m always glad to sit there with anyone else who feels that way too. I hope that you’ll come over and sit there with me today. It’s a great space and one that I expect you will find yourself returning to again and again.   (click here or on the link above and you will find yourself in The Mudroom )


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