The future is ours

Set up your markers along the way 

Jeremiah 31 verse 21 – The people are told to set up markers on the road, ‘high heaps’, ‘guide posts’, ‘road signs’, to make clear the way that they should travel.

This blog, The Hope Diaries in its entirety, is my high heap. It’s my marker. It marks out the journey. The way that I should go.

I want to set up a marker now because I am conscious of having reached a new and important place. I want to record in this space that we have started making future plans again within our marriage. Not just next week, next month plans, but plans that reach months and maybe years into our future. OUR future. A joint and continuing future, and it doesn’t make me uneasy to think about that future. Instead it feels good and exciting.

I can’t actually believe that God has been able to re-establish security and safety within this marriage again but He has.

I was right to place my hope in Him. God is enough.



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