Hawk – a de(tale)

I’ve been holding on to this story for many months now, waiting for the right time to share it. It’s a story about  a day when God used a chance encounter with a bird on my way to work to help me understand life a bit better. It’s being published as part of Cara Strickland’s ‘de(tales)’ series; a beautiful series of writings which speak deeply through the details. 

I’ll begin it here, and then please use the link to read the rest on the Little Did She Know blog. 

“I got off the train. I had ten minutes before my connecting train was due. I walked at the pace of the people around me as we moved forward, en masse, to hurry to our destinations and into another day.

His fluorescent orange tabard caught my eye, and as I turned my head to him I realised that on his arm was a bird of prey. A hawk at the station. Waiting on the platform.

 Throughout my life I’ve been both proud of and embarrassed by my mother’s tendency to strike up conversations with complete strangers; who in a very short space of time are no longer strangers, but people whose lives have become known to her as she tells them about Jesus and sympathizes with their aches or broken hearts or difficult circumstances.

 And now I find myself talking to strangers. I’m curious about them. I want to know more. Always.

 So I approached the man in the orange tabard…….

click here to read the rest of the story 


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