Rough seas

‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?’

Jesus asked this of the disciples in the boat with him when the storm came and they feared for their lives. Before doing anything about it Jesus first asked them this question.

I’ve written about this before but I so quickly forget all that I know of the goodness of God and His faithfulness to me.  The disciples of Jesus forgot , even though Jesus was with them all the time and they witnessed the most extraordinary large scale miracles regularly. Jesus knew how forgetful we are and so even set up the visual reminders at the last supper, so that every time they, and we, ate bread and drank wine together the participants would remember what he’d told them.

I know that today is a day with potential for me to forget the goodness of God. To become overwhelmed with the human situations and thoughts and feelings and responses and look for solutions. I fell asleep last night writing letters in my head to several people,  all the while knowing that I was flailing in the wind at situations far outside of my control. A little like the disciples in the boat. What could they do against the wind and the waves that threatened their very existence ?

They could talk to Jesus. And He could remind them of all that they knew of Him.

And then He calmed the storm. 

So I am taking the advice of the Psalmist,

‘Whoever is wise, let him heed these things

and consider the great love of the Lord.’ Psalm 107 v 43

If you know the details of my life right now you will know that it might seem a bit difficult to consider the great love of the Lord.  It’s not though. I don’t quite understand it, but despite circumstances I am profoundly convinced of the love of God. No, I don’t love the very difficult things that I am living with right now, nor do I think that they are somehow mine because of the ‘love of the Lord’. But there is solid ground under my feet. I shared a photo of myself this week with  friends and they thought I looked pretty rough. Exhausted, sad, worn. I could see that too when I looked at the image, but in fact I didn’t feel that bad. Somehow my soul is comforted and protected. And that is God’s love. God’s great love.

I am beginning to wonder if the storm to be calmed is not the external storm of circumstances but the internal one of my soul and mind and emotions?

So this morning I have been to a service of communion, I am listening to The Messiah and I plan to sit in sunshine later. I will try to remember that flailing at the storm is useless and as I remember the great love of the Lord, and realise I’m daft to still be afraid, I will watch Jesus stand beside me and tell things to settle down.

Today, as every Sunday, I am linking with Lisha Epperson and the #givemegrace community.


9 thoughts on “Rough seas

  1. My blog, Uncharted Water, is so named for the very reasons you write about here. I have no idea where or why I am on this uncharted sea, until I remember it is His boat and He is knows exactly where I am going and how to get me there.


    1. I completely resonate with that idea of uncharted waters, but like you I now it is His boat. But I far too quickly forget. It’s good to know that others also feel the uncertainty and yet also the certainty of God.

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  2. “I am beginning to wonder if the storm to be calmed is not the external storm of circumstances but the internal one of my soul and mind and emotions?” Yes, I wonder that for myself, too. I’m so glad God is faithful and I know I can count on Him to always be with me. And I do have a deep peace knowing that He loves and cares for me even if I don’t always show it.


  3. Each time I’ve found that peace which passes understanding, it was because God changed my heart, not my circumstances. Amazing how we can be in the same storm, yet have a different outlook on our experience. Stay focused and in prayer and I pray the raging waters surrounding you will begin to calm.


  4. Your post reminded me of my emotions during rough seas. I love that one of your ways to fortify your spirit is listening to The Messiah. That is always a blessing to me as well.


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