Fly me to the moon

Yesterday – I was flying. Well jumping. But when I looked in the mirror of the dance studio it looked like flying to me. And I couldn’t believe that I was feeling so good.

Today I am not flying. Or jumping. My feet are barely leaving the ground.

Today I am shuffling.

I was looking at the moon tonight. It was so beautiful and so bright. I wanted to fly away to the moon. I wanted to leave everything that was clinging to me, pulling me down. And I wondered, how often did Jesus look up to the sky and want to go? Want to leave everything that was clinging to him, pulling him to earth? Did he feel like that every night? And yet he stayed. He stayed, knowing what was ahead of him. He stayed knowing what he could leave this earth for. He had come from the heavenlies. He had experienced the best of everything. He stayed because of love.

Those things clinging to me and pulling me down today? They were people. They were people I love. People who love me.

After I saw the moon I remembered that it’s all about love and so I shuffled alongside the ones I love for the rest of the day.

And as we shuffled I’m sure our feet left the ground.


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