What happens next ?

It’s been a month since I ‘rested’ this blog. In that time I’ve been sharing some words in other places and wondering what the future holds for The Hope Diaries. I’ve decided that keeping those diaries for one year was just about perfect. It was quite a journey! The journey is continuing but in a different space with a new name, because sometimes the old needs to be left behind. I have loved your company here. I would love to have you move on with me. I’m not sharing the name of the new blog here because for me it’s a definite transition, and it won’t be quite as this space was. If you want to join me there please, please, please send an email to caiobhesblog@gmail.com and I will send you a link to the new site 🙂 I’ve been asked about what I plan to do with the content of The Hope Diaries. I’m not quite sure yet, but I do know that somehow God has used my honest telling of his work in my broken-ness to encourage and hold other women who are also finding marriage hard. I would love to make the content available in some way but I will let you know if and when that happens.  (If you have ideas as to whether or how I should do that then please let me know!) For now – thanks for being with me. Keep holding on to Hope. Lean into God. IMG_4912


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