50 Days of Hope : Day 47: He has given me grace

I love the weekly reminder from Lisha Epperson at #givemegrace, to look for where grace has been given.

Today I don’t have to look very far at all. Last night I was woken in the night by our dog barking at foxes in the garden. In the course of sorting her out I realised that my wedding and engagement rings weren’t on my hand. I never take them off so I wondered if I’d removed them in my sleep. I spent between 2 and 3am looking for them around the house, until I found them where I had set them when I’d put on hand cream earlier in the day. As I searched for them I remembered the only other time I’d lost them, when I was expecting our second child, and due to problems with our house my oldest child and I had to move in with family a distance away from where my husband stayed to work. When I lost the rings then I experienced a total sense of panic. Maybe pregnancy made me feel more fragile but it felt like the link I had to my husband had gone.

The rings were found on that occasion and I was so relieved.

Last night I didn’t feel panicked. I knew I’d find them. It gave me a chance to think about them and all that they had been through.

As I searched I realised that today is actually 20 years since he asked me to marry him.

And with no understanding of what lay ahead of us I said yes.

And as I look back I see there has been grace in abundance .

Grace, it’s all been grace.

Grace. Two people coming together to share life and build a family together.

Grace. Two people who could not be more different in so many ways learning to accept each others’ differences.

Grace. Children born healthy.

Grace. Staying together through very difficult family events.

Grace. Forgiveness after unfaithfulness.

Grace. Acceptance of apologies.

Grace. Restored relationships.

2 Corinthians 12 v 9 : “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness”

Sufficiency of grace. Most evident in our weakness. Thank God.


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