50 Days of Hope: Day 33 : Advent Reflections

‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light’ Isaiah 9 v 2

Last night I watched a meteor shower. Apparently it was visible from any place in the world, if the skies were clear. The sky where I live was absolutely cloudless and so at midnight I stood outside looking for bright, moving lights in the sky.

It wasn’t long before I saw one, and then another. Every time I saw one of these bright flashes I found myself smiling. It was exciting, and amazing to see these lights and to know that I was witnessing potential chaos – the debris of comets, being transformed into something breathtakingly beautiful, as they burned up upon entry to the earth’s atmosphere. Order from chaos. Beauty from destruction. Danger made safe.

Christ’s coming. 

Order from chaos. 

Beauty from destruction. 

Danger made safe. 

‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light’


This post is linked with the #givemegrace community hosted by Lisha Epperson


6 thoughts on “50 Days of Hope: Day 33 : Advent Reflections

  1. My strongest “looking forward to” is His coming NOW! Our world will truly be connected to Him around and about the universes and anything else. HE is the strong, treatful, caring King. Again, I can hardly wait!


  2. Oh, I wish I’d known to look for the meteor shower! Happy to have popped in here from Leisha’s link up and happy that I know the LIGHT that came into my darkness!


    1. Lisha I am so glad this spoke to you. I had never really thought of the incarnation in those terms before, but it really spoke to me when I saw the meteors. I am always so glad to share in your community with its focus on grace.


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