50 Days of Hope: Day 30: Safety advice

I didn’t manage to write yesterday but I did have a verse which I thought about all day.

‘ Bear one another’s burdens.’  Galatians 6 v 2 

This is a life giving , hope giving , verse.

Yesterday I celebrated with a friend who has seen breakthrough in an area of life which a year ago seemed hopeless. One year ago she told me about her situation because I shared mine with her . We have spent the past 365 days bearing each others burdens.

And it’s not about taking on the heavy load of another’s problems and trying to sort them out or fix them. To ‘bear’ is just to feel it and support it with them. To hold up the load. For this particular friend and myself, that has manifested itself through keeping in contact, being accountable (mostly me to her as I’m the one who has most often been on the edge of doing something I really know I shouldn’t) , letting the other know when the day is hard and the pain feels greatest. Encouraging each other with stories of God’s faithfulness, presence and provision. Celebrating, as she calls them, the ‘baby steps’ which we have been taking day by day.

I am extremely fortunate that she is not the only person who has borne my burden with me. I have a few friends who have held their hands out to carry a little bit of my load with me, through prayer and hugs and encouragements to keep going.

Sharing our loads with others gives us a number of things – we are allowed, through prayer, the huge privilege of asking God to work in the life of another. We see the story of God in other people’s lives more clearly. Two are stronger than one, and bearing each others burdens means people are less likely to be crushed by them.

And that’s why it’s a verse of hope – it’s a piece of safety advice. It’s how we are supposed to manage life, and I am so thankful for those who both let me bear their burdens, and for those who share mine.


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