50 Days of Hope : Day 22 : Love mercy

As one of the readers of this blog mentioned in a comment on another post yesterday, God’s promises of protection, rescue, hope are not foisted upon us. We have to choose to receive them.

As someone who values independence of thought and action, I am so glad that the God I follow is not a dictator who compels us to obedient compliance. Rather He issues invitations.

I’ve been thinking about how that works in practise this morning, and the way in which the bible lets us know the choices God would like us to make; the choices about life which will bring us life in the way in which He intended.

The aftermath of my relationship with the other has been anything but straightforward . It makes me angry and upset and I want to see things straightened out.

I know that I don’t have the power to control things, and I know that it is not my place to do so. I have been praying and taking counsel from others about how to ‘do right’ in this situation.  This morning the verse that wouldn’t leave my mind was Micah 6 v 8;

‘He has showed you O Man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you? 

To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’

That is my verse of hope today. God has promised me a future and a hope, and this is the blueprint for a life that will see that promise fulfilled. If I choose to follow and to trust, then I also need to choose to live according to God’s ways.

It’s a challenge. Yes, I love justice. I am passionate about justice, and at the moment I am desperate to see justice done in this situation. But what about loving mercy? I love it when it’s shown to me, as it has been in this past year, by God and by people. I realise however that part of me wants others to feel the consequences of their wrongdoing. Somehow I think that will be some kind of payment for the hurts that I have been caused. The huge thing that I am coming to realise is that no person is going to heal those hurts. They can’t. He can’t. There is nothing the other could say or do that would actually make better the hurts he caused. I’ve accepted that now, and I’ve accepted it because I’ve realised it is God who is healing, and will heal my wounds. That realisation releases me to love mercy in a real way. I can say and mean and believe that I want to see healing and restoration in those who have hurt me. That acknowledgement then places me on the same footing as those who have wronged me, and I see that we are all sinners saved by grace and I am ready to walk humbly with my God.

So my prayer today is that I will really learn to love mercy and in doing so I will see more of the goodness of God as I walk with Him through these difficult days of waiting.







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