Day 12: Hope for all times

Today is the second guest post of this series and I am so pleased to share Gayl Wright’s words here. She has walked with me over the past months sharing encouragements from scripture along the way, and I hope that you will find her words encourage you. 

When I hear the word hope it gives me such a feeling of wonder and awe. The hope I think of is the sure hope we have as Christians that we are held safely in the arms of our Savior and that we will one day be with Him.

IPeter1 verses 3-5

Because of this hope, and with God’s help I can handle anything that comes my way. That’s not to say things will be easy. There have been many situations in my life that are just plain hard. I’ve lost loved ones including having miscarriages. We’ve faced unemployment, and even in one of the jobs my husband had, there were days of wondering if a paycheck would come because money was tight. We have children with some disability, and of course the usual trials that come as we go through life.

Tony Vincent, from his album of the same name sings the song Out of My Hands. In this song I love what he shares about the love of God when he sings, “His love is a grip I can’t slip through…” This song got me through many a time when I would be reminded that I was not in control.

One particular time was when practically everything changed very quickly at the church where I was the pianist. People were hurt and many left. I felt that things were not done properly, but I also felt that I could not leave yet because God still had a purpose for me. It was very hard, and I remember driving in for morning practice before church with tears streaming down my face wondering why this had happened. At the same time I’d be listening to this song and have peace, knowing that God knew all about it. Even though it was out of my hands I could still trust Him.

Throughout our lives we will have good things and not so good things. We will be tired and want to just give up, but through it all we need to remember that our HOPE is in the Lord.

Isaiah 40_31

I want to leave you with this song entitled “Hope” by Michael Card. Some of it is based on Isaiah 40:31. It’s such a great reminder of hoping in the Lord, of how God gives us strength and how our “life’s a song the Father sings.”


Gayl writes here so do go visit her blog. 





2 thoughts on “Day 12: Hope for all times

  1. Gayle, I love every single word you wrote here. “God knew everything about it” I have an acronym to share with you. I have blogged about it twice and I find it soothing: GAKAT, God Already Knew About This. I am seriously considering having it inked on my wrist. He is never surprised or blind-sided and He always has our back!


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