50 Days of Hope : Day 7 : Lean In

I have no idea how prayer works. But I cannot dispute that there is something happening when I, or others, pray to God. I have had more answers to prayers than I can begin to tell of, in this past difficult year.

I do know that when things get really difficult I go one of two ways. I either steer clear of God completely, because I think I’m making such a mess that I can’t be in relationship with him, or I lean in closer.

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble guessing which tends to work better for me!  I have been leaning in so hard this year, and part of that has been through prayer. Prayer in all forms – deep longings that I can’t articulate; sobbed sentences; pages and pages of written words; poetry; whispers.

The verse that I’ve been looking at for the past couple of days, ends with Paul telling the readers to persevere in prayer, or pray all the harder. It’s good advice.

I’ll end with an answered prayer I was given last Friday. As I wrote yesterday I met, on a difficult day, with a chaplain to pray. As we finished praying I felt the most extraordinary peace replacing the anxiety I’d been living with for days. The morning had been wet with heavy rainfall, but as I left her room and stepped outside this was what I saw. Answered prayer takes many forms. IMG_7270


6 thoughts on “50 Days of Hope : Day 7 : Lean In

  1. Having just left an early morning prayer time with a friend, I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts here. I do like the idea of leaning in. It’s easy to pull away when we are screwing everything up – lean in instead. Good reminder.


    1. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply – I’ve had a crazy few weeks of travel, but actually I’m glad to come back to this post and your comment tonight, as I once again need the Lean In reminder. So thanks for reminding me!

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      1. Someone has come to mind. She’s a friend from church who isn’t a very open person but I do know she’s trustworthy. I’ll mull it over for a bit before I ask her.


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