Day 2: What are you waiting for ?


“ And now O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.” 

Psalm 39 v 7 

I can relate to the question that the Psalmist asks.  “And now O Lord, for what do I wait?”

In the earlier months of this year I asked the question ‘Is God enough? Can he be?’ and the answer I was given was just one word – Wait.

So I waited. And I hoped.


For much of the time I’ve not known what it is I’m waiting for. I’ve just had a sense that when the wait is over I will know.

I waited in my marriage when I wanted to leave it. I didn’t know what I was waiting for. I couldn’t envisage what would change. I couldn’t imagine that anything could change.

waited and I hoped in God ; time passed and I stopped wanting to leave.

I waited in my belief that God loved me despite feeling otherwise; time passed and I saw daily that He did love me, and I felt loved.

I waited in faith that truth would prevail someday; time passed and I see it rising.

I know that there are few if any certainties in my life. I didn’t expect to have had the experiences, the sorrows, the difficulties, the struggles that I have had. Now, there’s not much that I am sure about. Life circumstances can change in a blink, whether through illness, redundancy, conflict or personal crisis. So how can we ever know what we are waiting for ? How can we set goals or aspirations for the future? How do we even keep going through this vague, uncertain waiting period, which is human life?

We follow the Psalmist’s example. We place our hope – our yearnings, our future, our desires – in God.  He is certain. He’s been there from before the beginning and He’ll be there beyond the end of time as we understand it.

It’s worth raising the question though; should we place our hope in God, simply because He is the only certainty? That’s part of the reason but it’s more than that.

God is good. God’s very nature is to be good, just, righteous, true.

Those are the things I want to hope in.

I want to hope in goodness, justice, righteousness and truth. 

So you see, it’s not a lesser option to hope in God. Instead, when we place our hope in God we realise that everything else is dross and rubbish, and we have found the best thing ever.



8 thoughts on “Day 2: What are you waiting for ?

  1. I love how in this season of waiting you choose to look back on other times in your life when God showed himself faithful. We need to remember all that He is done! Such good, encouraging truths here.

    (Glad to be linking up with you from our 31 Days Survivors group.) Blessings.


    1. I’m with you on the not being patient Amanda! I can imagine how difficult being in the military must be when you don’t get to control what is happening. Yes, let’s keep trusting in God 🙂


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