Day 1: 31 days of Hope for a Messed up Marriage starts here

In the same way as the children of Israel were told to write things down and wear them on their person, to talk about them as they journeyed, and to share them with their children, I want to take the opportunity in this next month to record what God has done.

I am writing this for me and for you.

I want you to read this if you have no hope for your marriage.

I want you to read this if you have no more to give.

I want you to spend this month with me if you can’t quite believe that God is a God who even today gets involved in the mess of our lives.

I want you to be here if you think that what you have done has set you beyond the concern of God ( or people).

I want you to stick with me if you feel that all your options are ‘should’ but the thought of taking any one of them feels like a small death.

I want you to hear me out if you cry yourself to sleep and your heart has been broken into a million pieces.

I do not claim to have the answers to any of these problems, but I do know that when I accepted hope as a reality God showed up in the most tangible and life changing way.

I’m all about evidence and proof. There have been many days in the past 10 months when I have been holding on to hope by my fingertips, and then God has acted and I have had to say – ‘I believe’.

I want to share these stories with you because I know that I am nothing special, but God is. And he loves you. And he cares about your pain and your sadness, and your unfulfilled dreams. And when you have nothing else, and you turn to Him the outcomes will blow your mind.

and so we begin…….31 days pic


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