‘Because’ is difficult. ‘Because’ assumes that there are links between things. Causal links with life and events following well worn paths which allow us to look back or forwards and see things proceed in the way we expected. I can’t see the ‘because’ right now. What happens when the logical flow chart doesn’t work? What happens when the ‘because’ might be any number of things and trying to discern it becomes impossible?

Does ‘because’ even matter? Are motivations and triggers and steps taken important, or should we just accept that however we got to this place, being here is what we now have to live with?

‘Because’ is difficult because I only ever have part of the story. An incomplete picture, even of my own life. ‘Because’ includes other people, and their actions and decisions and thoughts and feelings, and no matter how hard I try to understand or guess what they did or thought or felt I can’t know for sure.

‘Because’ suggests that if only I can find those causal links then I will not make the same mistakes again. I will steer clear of disaster. I will be wiser next time. That would work if life remained static and I existed as an island.

I am letting go of ‘because’ today. I can’t answer the why.

I’ve thought about it and the only ‘because’ I can really be sure of is this one,

because He first loved us.

this post is linked with five minute Friday. Five minutes of unedited writing following a one word prompt. 



3 thoughts on “Because

  1. So familiar with this letting go…and then with snatching it back up again.

    Thank you for this today; I needed it. The permission, reminder to let it go, let it be absorbed in the massive folds of God’s heart.

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