Hold on. Hold fast.

There is something about determination and possession. I want to be the one holding. I don’t want something or someone to have a hold on me. That would be negative. I am seeking the good, the positive, the paths of righteousness right now. I am holding on to truth. Even when the lies seem to be embedding themselves around me, and I have even begun to question my own recollections, my own mind.

I choose to take hold of truth. 

I choose to take hold of the power of prayer.

I choose to take hold of the hands offered to me which stabilise and give momentum, lift me off the ground and let me know I am loved. 

I choose to take hold of the words of the Psalms “He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake”. 

I choose to hold on to my courage. It has brought me this far, and I am not going to let go of it, even when it threatens to slip from my weakening grasp. 

I choose to hold on to what I know to be right and good and true. 

I keep wondering how long I will have to hold on for ? Will there be an end point when I can release my grip?

The answer is that I will hold on for ever. Life is not easy or straightforward for anyone, ever. We are always exposed to lies and darkness and difficult decisions and illness and unemployment and heartbreak. I don’t want to let go of any of these things.

What is apparent however, through all of this is that God has a hold on me. This is not negative. More like the arms which steady a toddler learning to walk, or the arms which a child runs into when they fall and cry.

Holding and being held. That is my life.

this was written in response to a five minute Friday prompt


4 thoughts on “Hold

  1. I am so glad to have come to visit 🙂 It really does come down to a mutual holding. I know that His grip is tight on each of us. May we hold onto Him all of our days! Blessed to read the direction you went with this. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi thanks for visiting me on FMF! I enjoyed your posts on your blog, thank you for sharing the word you received with me, dont let go of what God has shown you and givne you, no matter what it looks lice now, you are still able to put on those mulit-coloured boots! May you be mightily blessed! aliyah (setapartwarrior.blogspot.com)


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