It’s a little whisper and it’s in my head and in my heart and it’s saying, ‘You’ve got to share these things. You are discovering treasures all the time and they can’t stay hidden’. I’ve been excavating for months now, and it’s amazing what is turning up. Precious jewels, and riches. Buried emblems and forgotten manuscripts. Images of things past which hint at the future.

The digging has been dirty, and tiring. Back breaking work. I’ve been physically exhausted and mentally, emotionally and spiritually spent. Throughout another whisper has been heard. A question I asked and a whispered answer that kept returning. My question, ‘Is God enough? Can he be?’ and the almost imperceptible whisper each time ….’wait’.

I’ve waited and I intend to keep waiting because I love that whispered answer. And now the other whisper is telling me that I need to tell of what has happened in the waiting. Of lessons learned and truths discovered. I’ve been sharing the truths I’ve been learning of God on this blog, but the truths I’m learning about how to rebuild a marriage when infidelity has come and trust has gone and the last thing you can imagine is spending the rest of your lives together, have not been shared yet. I only want to whisper them. It’s still less than a year on, but I think they matter. I think they need to come out. So maybe just maybe I’ll start to tell them to you. But only in a whisper.

This post is in response to a five minute Friday prompt. Five minutes of unedited writing on the word ‘Whisper’. 


4 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. Bless you – infidelity is rough, but you can rebuild and have an even better marriage because of it and the lessons learned. I know that God is enough. He has to ENOUGH because the world will always let us down. Only Jesus will never fail us, always love us and give us what we need.


  2. This, “I’ve waited and I intend to keep waiting because I love that whispered answer.” also speaks of the way I am waiting on God and listening to His words whispered close. It is so worthwhile to make time and space for His life to permeate through the everyday cracks and crevices. Keep on having courage to share, holding on to hope in dark places, seeking treasure amongst the dust and detritus of life, and breathing out your lessons learnt on this page. In doing so you will offer sanctuary to others. Blessings of healing and grace to you, friend. 🙂 x


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