Barefoot Discipleship

“What the Lindisfarne pilgrim finds on the causeway, so all Christian pilgrims find on the journey of life. We hope to walk across warm, firm and golden sand but often find ourselves in slippery mud or mysterious seaweed. At such times it matters very much that there are people ahead of us, behind us and beside us. We need people who will stand by us when we slip and who will risk slipping to help us when we fall.” 

Stephen Cherry  ‘Barefoot Disciple’ 

Today I write in appreciation of all those who have been ahead, behind and beside me in these last months.Thank you for pulling me out of the water when I fell. Thank you for warning me of the broken shells which would have cut me. Thank you for tending to the wounds when I didn’t listen to the warnings. Thank you for not walking away. Thank you for holding my hand in the dark times. Thank you for pointing out to me the beauty around me even as I slipped in the mud. There has been so much slippery mud and mysterious seaweed.

I’m not across the causeway yet but in these last few days I have taken a few deliberate steps to walk a little more alone again. Separate from my fellow pilgrims. I have sensed God saying to me “Lean in”. I am about to walk through some rather thick seaweed. I actually don’t know where I am putting my feet. I do trust the One who is calling me to keep walking towards Him across the water. I need to once more recognise my total dependence on Him. I need to come back to the place where I can ask and answer the question ” Is God enough?”

He has been, and He will be, and I need to allow Him to be once more.



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