‘He leads me in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake’

His name. Not mine. Not the other’s. His name.

He was dishonoured. by me. Now honour must be restored.

Through truth, and love, and commitment and perseverance

Through doing the hard things. and they have been hard.

And the hard has turned my frame into a permanent knot of tightened muscles

A heart gripped by anxiety.

A tension that I am finding it hard to release.

So today I needed to be reminded to breathe.

To inhale.

and pause.  Enjoying the sensation of satiated lungs and body. Beyond desire and need to abundance.

To Exhale.

and pause. Feeling emptied of those things which grip so tightly, knowing only the desire to take the next breath.

And with each breath, thank the giver of life and breath and love

that He has sustained me with breath.

through the nights when I thought my heart couldn’t bear any more pain

through the days of numbness when I didn’t care if I breathed or stopped breathing

through the anguish that caused me to want to stop breathing

through the months of waiting for an answer to the question ‘Is God enough? Can he be?’

inhale. and pause.

exhale. and pause

And with each breath I begin to remember

That I am ok. That it is right for me to keep breathing.

That is is right for me to want to keep breathing.

That each breath is mine to take and to use and to enjoy.

inhale. and pause.

exhale. and pause.

This is how it will be for the rest of my life.

And I am thankful.


This writing was inspired by the prompt ‘Breathe’ at Marvia Davidson’s Real Talk Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Thanks for the reminder to pause as we breathe in and pause as we breathe out, to thank God, who gives us life and breath and continues to sustain us. I want to do this often, to make it part of what I do every day. I want to remember to praise and thank Him and see His hand in my life even when times are hard.

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