Eye catching and beautiful when the light shines …

I have been absent from this blog for a couple of weeks. It’s the longest silence since I began writing The Hope Diaries in January.

In the last two weeks I have stepped out in truth. I have told the truth of what I did, what the other did, to those who needed to know.

I want to share a few of the things I have realised in these last weeks.

Truth is Strength

IMG_3507There is strength in truth. When we walk in truth we are released from the oppression which has tried to hold us in our shame.

When you start to see the light, there is no way that you can even take notice of the darkness any more. 


The light is too bright for eyes to explore what lies outside of it.

Love takes many forms 

IMG_4786I have been given love in a cup of tea by my bedside every morning before I wake, for the past nine months. That is a lot of love.

It’s a climb. It will continue to be a climb.

IMG_3825We ( my husband and I) were at a very low place, so we have to work our way up from there. But we’re climbing in the light and towards the light.

I think we may even look eye catching and beautiful 

IMG_4919This image of a  bubble is not quite right . Over the past months I’ve felt as vulnerable as the bubble, but not anymore. I/we still need some protection around us but we are stronger and we are beginning to float up to the place where we catch the light again and our colours start to show.

Lights in the darkness,

and even in the darkness the flowers have come. 

Be patient. Take heart and wait for the Lord. IMG_4466

This post is written with the greatest debt of gratitude to all the people, known and unknown to me, who have held us in prayer so that we could reach this point on our journey. with love to you. 


4 thoughts on “Eye catching and beautiful when the light shines …

  1. It is so encouraging to hear how God has been working and continues to work not only in the good times but the hard ones too. The prayers will not stop and your honesty and vulnerability have been a great lesson to me but also, I am sure, to many others. Sending you loads of love xxx

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  2. I love how your writing has progressed from “me” to “we”. So lovely to hear and read. Prayers continues, the road is bumpy, but the view at the end is sensational!!


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