Sprinklings of Hope

I have had the most extraordinary week. In so many ways.

But here’s the thing I want to tell you.

God is enough.

Wait on Him.

He loves us.

Yesterday I had to be somewhere. I arrived and took a seat. It was only some time after I arrived that I remembered that the last time I’d been in that place had been a night on which I felt utterly devastated. It was the day when I last spent time with the other. That night I was numb emotionally. I felt absolutely lost and as if my heart had been torn apart. It was a dark night, and a Coldplay song played . I sat alone that night with tears falling on my face. I was broken. Shattered.


Yesterday the place was full of sunlight and beauty. It had once again been a day of significance on my journey. A day of standing in truth and seeking restoration. A day which God had gently led me to over months. As I realised that I had also been physically brought back to the place where I had been before, I reflected that this time I was not sitting alone. There were no tears running down my face. I didn’t feel lost. I have re-discovered my emotions and I claim them as good. My heart is being mended.


And then something caught my eye. Something which had been added to this place. Posters with bible verses on them. With one word highlighted in each verse. The highlighted word was Hope. IMG_4758


When I looked across to the seat in which I had sat on the last occasion I’d been there, this was the verse over that place.

Put your HOPE in God. For I will yet praise Him. My Saviour and my God.  Psalm 42v11

Those verses shone for me yesterday. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like not only was God restoring me but he was shaking the glitter over everything in the form of love messages from Him to me.  I was given the word Hope in December and I chose it as my word for the year. It is Hope that I have held on to. It is Hope that has held on to me. Yesterday He confirmed to me the changes that he has brought about. He showed me so clearly that I am no longer alone in the darkness. He placed the word Hope on every wall of the building to make sure that I understood! My loving Heavenly Father has walked with me from that dark, dark night to this brighter place.

I have learned to live differently in those months. I have learned to see differently. Our God is a God of transformation and restoration.

I hope in Him.



4 thoughts on “Sprinklings of Hope

  1. I love that! Hope rising, springing from the ashes. You are growing stronger. You are loved. You have been given much grace. How ardently God loves you!!! His words are no accident, and they never return to Him void. Keep leaning in sister!


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