Being found by grace

Last week I felt fragmented, lost and lonely. I began to search for the place of soul rest. The place where I would feel connected, content and at peace. I looked to externals; reading, writing, music, places. Nothing but glimpses. Moments when something resonated deep in my soul, but I didn’t know its name. Things which had always been known by me, but I couldn’t identify.

I felt it when I looked at the sky and saw thick, dazzling clouds above me. 


I knew it when the reeds in the stream spoke to me, a message of being submerged, but held firm; the current moving but not taking them. 

IMG_4323Trees on the riverbank. The detail, the contrasts. The colour, the textures.

IMG_4325 IMG_4326


Choral evensong emanating from a beautiful chapel.


Then this book in the post from a friend. Ann Voskamp, one thousand gifts. And I found what I was searching for.

This is my place of soul rest.

When I remember and understand grace.What it means for me.

When I have gratitude for that which makes up my life. Here. Today. This minute. As it is. In all its imperfections.

I will know joy. I won’t have to find it, or make it come, or search for it. It is there. It follows the other two automatically.

Unforced rhythms of grace. They found me.

today I am linking up with Kelli Woodford – and I am glad to be able to share the joy of unforced rhythms of grace 


6 thoughts on “Being found by grace

    1. so glad that they spoke to you. Somehow they caught my attention as I crossed the bridge and I had to photograph them and know that they had meaning for me. I know that sounds nuts, but I also know that you will get it


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