Fragments of Beauty – Poetry on the Journey

I shouldn’t have

Why is that so easy to know after the event?

Why can’t I use hindsight as foresight?

Pre justification, rationalization.

Post realization, sinking feeling.

 Confessions of idiocy

Is this all part of it?

The human part?

The need to learn through making the mistakes ?

The developing character through experiencing the hard times.

Can I skip this part please?

Can I move through ‘the marriage went through a rocky patch’ scenes a bit faster?

Can’t I reach the ‘happy renewal of wedding vows, we are so much better now’ finale?

Or must I sieve through the dirt like a discoverer of artefacts,

looking for the tiny treasure in the midst of the muck ?

Painstakingly measure off the ground and back breakingly spend days,

weeks, months years

working through the layers of dirt that have built up over time

covering the beauty that lies underneath.


After days,

Weeks, months, years

of dedicated, dirty, tiring, disheartening work,

I will find in my hand some colour

A fragment of the tiles that lie beneath.

How will I feel on that day?

Elated, bound in the moment of discovery,

committed to digging with renewed vision.

Until piece by piece we will uncover the tiles.

Twenty years of fragments

a beautiful and complicated pattern

of shared dreams and adventures,

births and deaths

house moves and uprooting.

communities that loved us.

uncertainty and illness

laughter and joy

And grace.

Thick, swirling grace.

Enclosing the tiles, bordering their edges,

Linking them together, filling the gaps,

covering the broken.



4 thoughts on “Fragments of Beauty – Poetry on the Journey

  1. I love that you can look forward with hope to when it won’t be like this. I too wish I could hurry up and get to the point where it used to be difficult, rather than being in the middle of slogging it out. Yet I think there is beauty here too, in the muck and the middle. Beauty of dirt streaked arms and sweaty faces. Of choosing to stay, to fight, to grieve, to look for hope.

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  2. This is beautiful, a picture of hope. I love this: “Thick, swirling grace.
    Enclosing the tiles, bordering their edges,Linking them together, filling the gaps,covering the broken.” God never runs out of grace. I pray that your cup will be full of grace on this journey.

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  3. “Thick, swirling grace.” It is that beautiful grace, God Himself, that gets us through these very moments and times.
    “But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me.” I Corinthians 15:10
    Visiting from Messy Middle and …
    Caring through Christi, ~ linda

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