Waves of mercy

On March 17th I posted some poetry. The question I asked was “Is God enough? Can he be? Wait.” Today I am affirming that yes he is. He can be. He has been. And I believe he will be.  I’m finding it hard to write here at the moment. Partly because sometimes even an anonymous … More Waves of mercy

Being found by grace

Last week I felt fragmented, lost and lonely. I began to search for the place of soul rest. The place where I would feel connected, content and at peace. I looked to externals; reading, writing, music, places. Nothing but glimpses. Moments when something resonated deep in my soul, but I didn’t know its name. Things which had always … More Being found by grace

Fragments of Beauty – Poetry on the Journey

I shouldn’t have Why is that so easy to know after the event? Why can’t I use hindsight as foresight? Pre justification, rationalization. Post realization, sinking feeling.  Confessions of idiocy Is this all part of it? The human part? The need to learn through making the mistakes ? The developing character through experiencing the hard … More Fragments of Beauty – Poetry on the Journey