A wind blows. I stand my ground.

Sometimes it is not until anger is felt about what another’s action or inaction has done to us that we can remove ourselves from under the shadow.

Until that moment the toxicity of their behaviour, their lies or deceit, overwhelms us like a blanket of polluted fog – so thick that it is impenetrable, and we are deprived of oxygen, slowly sinking into a stupor.  Unable to stand up, to step away, to get on with our lives.

I have been breathing in the toxicity of another’s actions.

I have watched those around me become engulfed by the pollution.

I was overwhelmed  once more with acrid smell and mind altering capabilities, preventing me from having anything but confused thoughts.

I was aware of my attempts to dull the pain, and I began to slip from consciousness.

And then

A  gust of wind blew away the toxic air engulfing me.

The gust, a thought.

damn this toxicity.

the wind was anger. It began to blow

The energy created enabled movement, and awakening and a regaining of consciousness.

The energy propelled me from my stupor. The wind provided clear air to breathe.

When the fog returns again 

No longer will I retreat.

I will stand my ground breathing  deep breaths  of anger

I will not be overcome.





2 thoughts on “A wind blows. I stand my ground.

  1. cheering for you. Sometimes hope shows up looking like something else, in this case anger. Anger that this is not the way it is meant to be and standing your ground that it can be, will be, must be different and life giving. Some times hope shows up dressed for battle.


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