The battle continues

Tonight I lost a ring. It signified choices and values and covenant and worth. It’s loss feels like a low blow in the battle raging in my life. I feel like I’m being goaded into accepting a defeat, that I don’t want, but am being pushed towards.

I am not beaten. It’s only a ring. It was just a symbol.

It wasn’t the reality.

We are more than conquerors because of Christ.  

God is enough.

p.s. I hope you are not offended but this post is me putting two fingers up to the enemy . sometimes it just has to be done. 


2 thoughts on “The battle continues

    1. ❤ Much more re-framing going on today too. Today I am ( literally) 'empty handed but alive' in his hands. No ring, but known and loved by God ( and my story sisters 🙂 )


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