Letting go

Letting go

of the pain , which feels bodily and causes gasping for breath when it suddenly, brutally strikes, or lingers aching without ceasing

the rejection, which speaks of worthlessness, stupidity, tossed aside used and no longer needed

the injured pride. not bruised or dented, but bloody, torn and horribly mangled

the lost possibilities, so many, glittering, sparkling, alive

the betrayal, which cuts so deeply it has almost severed my arteries and caused my life to end

the lies, believed and yet false, turning people against me.

the sin, which masquerades as life, but is nothing but darkness


If I let go my hands will be empty

My fists won’t be clenched

I won’t be grasping at thin, weak strands which take all my energy to cling to


My hands will be empty

What will I do then?

With my empty hands I will have space to receive forgiveness, light, love, resurrection, hope

I will let them be touched gently, by he whose hands were nailed to the wood

I will let him take all that I am letting go

I will let him touch my hand, hold my hand, fill my hand


This is love




8 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. This is love indeed. Costing no more than everything, it wrings us out but offers more than we have lost, if we can but let it. And you are letting it all go, at great cost, and you are open to the Love. This is beautiful. Thank you.


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