Dislocation #WednesdayWrestling

I am really thrilled to be writing my first guest post for Karissa Knox Sorrell’s Wednesday Wrestling series. I outed myself as a ‘wrestler’ when I joined the Spirit of the Poor synchroblog, and after only a couple of months of blogging it is a great thing to be connecting with others who do the same!


The episode of wrestling in my life that I write about today began about five years ago. Our children were aged 9, 7 and 1 and our middle child became really sick. It was a little understood illness, but the consequence was that she stopped attending school and for the next two years became housebound. I too became housebound. My husband worked, my youngest was looked after by a child minder outside of the home, and friends took the oldest to and from school.

Please come over to Karissa’s blog and read the rest here ………











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