Maybe it’s not the job, but the location that matters ?


A few months ago a friend sent me a copy of Robert Frost’ s poem “The Road Not Taken” . She suggested that I was at the point of choice between two paths, and that there was no rush to choose which to walk along.  She told me to pause and enjoy the place where I was standing.
Today as I read my bible and the Psalms, I was struck by the choice which the Psalmist says he has made :
” I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than live in the tents of wickedness” .
I’ve read that before, I’ve sung it, I’ve thought – ‘yes of course.’ Today I paused, to think about what it really means. A door keepers’ job must be really, really dull. Standing in the same place for hours on end, opening and closing a door for people who for the most part barely notice your existence. Sore feet, an aching back, and endless hours with your own thoughts, the same view, and little to excite.  That is what the psalmist said he would choose. I can imagine that the tents of wickedness probably had more interesting things going on. The Psalmist knew God well enough that he was choosing location over everything else.  He wanted to be where the Lord was.
As I reflect on my own choices, I wonder if we sometimes think that if the path ahead looks monotonous, or dull or painful we tell ourselves that that can’t be the way God would have us go. Surely he wants more for us? Surely we are supposed to have life in all its fullness?
But maybe we are to have the fullness of life of a doorkeeper in God’s kingdom?  It’s about being where the Lord is, what we are doing there is not the most important thing.
So this morning I am asking myself whether I can echo the Psalmists words, and if I can’t I am asking that the giver of hope would help me to see just how great the job of a doorkeeper can be when it’s in the right house.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – do leave a comment. 

2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s not the job, but the location that matters ?

  1. I can’t get past the feeling that Because God loves us, he doesn’t want us to be hurt. There is nothing wrong with being the keeper at the door.
    I remember someone once reminded me that knives are shiny and interesting to look at, but if we play with them we will be hurt.
    Just a thought……….


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