Surfing with Jesus


The water is my favourite place to be and so a few years ago when I was a participant in a church run course in which one evening we did a visualisation / meditation and we had to picture ourselves somewhere talking to Jesus, I met him in the sea. We talked and laughed and swam and I really enjoyed his company. I felt like my best self.


This morning I didn’t feel like my best self. Far from it. I am battling temptation and feeling overwhelmed and despite the sunshine and the promise of spring I was far from hopeful. I took the dog for a walk, and remembered what I’d written here last week about fixing my eyes on Jesus. As soon as I start to think about him I begin to relax. He’s beside me, and was human like me, and has felt all these earthly sensations and pleasures and pains. It makes it easier to talk to him.

So as I started to think about him I remembered the visualisation, and then thought we’d go surfing this morning. So Jesus and I surfed together this morning and then we lay on the beach worn out from the physical effort of getting out beyond the breakers and staying upright for the glorious seconds of riding the wave. The air was warm and we had our eyes closed against the bright sun and we lay on our boards, and I told him how I was feeling. He asked. He wanted to know.

When I talk with him he makes me become my best self – there’s no room for pretend or dishonesty or manipulation with Jesus. He’s straight down the line but it’s not hard to tell him things because he responds to it all with love. Love that he’s already proved is there.

So I came away from our conversation with tears, but also with a better understanding of what my best self needs to do, and the memory of surfing with Jesus.


He’s there.


4 thoughts on “Surfing with Jesus

  1. Trying so hard not to be envious. 🙂 Surfing is my favorite thing in the whole world! And I live in Oklahoma :/ Go figure. 🙂 I’m so glad you could surf with God this morning! Hugs and prayers.


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