All kinds of good things

I was thinking about the last post that I wrote  ( if you missed it it’s here ), and I realised that this Hope thing can be likened to a virtuous ( rather than a vicious) circle.

The more I love ( or feel loved) the more I see and feel Hope, and the more Hope I feel and know, the more I am able to love.  The love is not limited to people, but includes all the things that make me come alive as a person so that I can find the place to love myself as well.

Simples ( as my teenager would say).

So, knowing myself as I do, I know that even though this moment of revelation has come, and I believe it’s true and it fits with the character and the grace and love of God, I will forget this very quickly.

This is why I need to put in place ways to maintain the momentum of this virtuous circle. My plan is that in the same way as I have made myself write about the Hope in my situation by calling this blog ‘the Hope Diaries’, if I state an intention to write about some of these things more regularly then it will remind me to make the space in my life for them. In doing so I will keep myself nurtured with love and I will share some lovely things with you. Like this sky…..


At the moment my list of good things reads as follows:

  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Food
  • Books
  • Films
  • Fun stuff
  • Gift giving
  • Engagement with justice issues
  • Beautiful places
  • My work

There may well be more, or different, but I think that’s a pretty good starting list.

My question to leave you with is what are the things which you need to have or bring into your life so that you can love yourself and enter this virtuous circle of hope and love ? Please do use the comment icon at the top to let me know.

And just a little taster of what is to come ….. I’ll share the recipe for these next time I post .



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