“Full of beauty that will unfold” – even for the wayward…

As a reader, one of my favourite literary devices is (subtle) pathetic fallacy. Weather echoing or imitating mood within the narrative. It gives greater depth and communicates more than descriptors of emotions or thoughts can do.


Today it is raining, it’s cold, it’s grey ; I walked my dog through the swampy grass, and we arrived home wet and dirty. I could identify with the weather. It wouldn’t have been absolutely clear to any other walkers (we didn’t meet any – the weather is too bleak) whether the water on my face was the rain or my tears.

My word for the year is Hope. I’m holding on to it with my head today, but my heart has quite different ideas. I am feeling sad and hurt and angry and hopeless; and frustrated that I am feeling sad and hurt and angry and hopeless.

As I was walking I was thinking about some of the posts I’ve written in these Hope Diaries, and reminding myself of the truths which I have been shown, and the grace that God is extending to me, and the moments of clarity and strength and hope which I have been given. It made me wonder if that is how David in the bible used the Psalms which he wrote? Did he go back to them on hopeless days to remind himself of how he had once felt, or of the truths of which he was certain when difficult emotions weren’t blocking his way? I think he probably did.

So I am reminding myself of things which I know to be true today.

These words from Josh Garrels song – ‘ Farther Along’ -remind me that even though I can’t see it now, there is so much that God has for me still.


and then there is this , which is now the screensaver on my laptop


Have you any idea what these beautifully coloured and shaped objects are?

They are what makes up a grain of sand.  This is sand under an extraordinarily powerful microscope.

I love this photo, and I love what it tells me. It tells me that there is a creator God who sustains life, and even a grain of sand has more intricacy and beauty and detail than we can begin to see or imagine. That same God, created, sustains and loves me.

I am blown away by that knowledge.

I can now know in my head, and I can start to feel in my heart, that if my Hope is not linked to people, or circumstances but to this God, then I will make it through another day.

Even if it’s raining.


The above post was written at 9.30am .

So today at 12.30pm I checked the post and found this

photo-2 copy

It was a gift from someone else in the http://oneword365.com Hope tribe. It was posted 7 days ago  on the other side of the world. God sees and knows and cares. Why do I ever not trust him completely ?

And thank you to whoever you are – my encouraging sister. And my prayer today is that as I share this with as many people as I possibly can it will give them HOPE too, that there is a God who loves us and we are not alone.  Thank you so so much.


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