One word – and only one word


My word for the year is Hope but this past week I have answered @shelovesmag ‘s question each day of ‘What is your one word check in ?’.

I rarely have just one word. For anything. I have hundreds and thousands of words skittering around my mind all the time. I am constantly trying to untangle and express and articulate 20 different things at once.

But one word. for a whole day? I answered the question on three occasions this week, and to my surprise found that when I slowed down and let myself listen to deep, deep inside my soul – I knew my word.




They were big words. They were the words I needed to acknowledge. Surrender of self and will to God’s will and purpose. Truth although painful shines a light in the darkness. I am a created being with a need to create and when I don’t fulfil my purpose I feel wasted and unanchored.

So I prayed that I would surrender, and keep surrendering.

I allowed myself to acknowledge the truth of my situation, even the parts I really didn’t want to see or know, and I will now move forward with it.

I cooked and baked and felt satisfied and restored.


I make life so complicated with all my words. Sometimes I just need to have one. Maybe you do too? So what is your one word check in for today ?


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