Walking through mud and eating wasps


So here’s the thing. Even if you are walking in the right direction, even if you can see that it’s a good place to get to, and even if you want to get there, there are still puddles and mud. You can choose to walk through them, or round them, but sometimes the ground has had such a battering from storms that there aren’t any dry, solid, safe pieces of ground to walk on. That is when you need to put on the right footwear and go through. Even with the boots on your feet the mud can have a pretty strong pull. It is tough going.

Which is linked to the eating of wasps. Someone told me that at relationship counselling they make you eat wasps, and at the time it was said I laughed. Neither myself nor the person who said it had ever experienced it. Eating wasps or couples counselling. We had no idea what it was really like, but I was willing to believe the wasp eating story. So here I am 7 months later, and although I haven’t been made to eat a wasp yet, it is a stinging and painful self-inflicted event. However it is much more akin to putting on the right footwear. We need some protective layers to get through the mud without falling over and giving up too early.

I was also thinking about spiritual clothing thanks to a tweet a few days ago.  Yesterday Ephesians 6 and the armour of God was on my mind.


And it was the shoes of the gospel of peace that I was most struck by. What does it mean for me today to wear those shoes ? How can I be a peacemaker in my situation ? It’s not an abstract ‘peace’ I’m wanting to put on, but the Prince of Peace who I want to follow, and it’s his gospel that I need to be wearing as I walk. That gospel, that good news of forgiveness, undeserved grace, extraordinary  love, unlimited compassion, expectation of change and the firm certainty that this is not all.  I’m pretty convinced that those shoes are beautiful and when I put them on I will realise that in a small way I am becoming who I was made to be.



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