Time to move on

Time to move on

Sometimes we like where we’ve been even though the grass has dried out, the land is parched, and there is no new life in that place. The good memories of that place feel like they outweigh the bad. I still like the view. It’s hard to move on from that spot. Hope is telling me that in order to find the new life, I’ve got to leave. I realise that hope for future things means letting go of past things. So I’m trying. I know that I will find the first steps the hardest, and I’ve no doubt I will keep throwing backward glances at that place. I may even find myself running back to it. but hope tells me to see it for what it is – a parched, worn part of the landscape.

I did love that spot when the sun was shining on it.
The sun has gone now. It’s time to move on.


3 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. “..hope for future things means letting go of past things. ” so true! Thank you for thinking of me and sharing. Means a lot to me! Great thoughts here… Why is it that the past is so hard to move away from and let go of? I think partly because the great enemy of our souls know that there’s no hope in the past and he likes to keep it that way. Praise be to God we have Jesus!!


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