Welcome to The Hope Diaries  

Thanks for visiting.

In my writing here I engage honestly with the reality of life in all its messiness, with a belief that no matter what is going on there is hope in the person of Jesus. 

I began the blog when I believed my marriage to be ending, after my own infidelity. I wrote because I wanted to keep a record of what happened as I told God that He was all that I had. 

Here you can find out a little more about me and my reasons for writing.

I usually post two or three times each week but I’m not really a scheduler so it can vary! 

Over the past year a community has developed around the blog, and I love hearing from you. Please do contribute by commenting on posts, or by emailing me at caiobhesblog@gmail.com 

If you would like to follow the blog by email, or with wordpress there are buttons on the sidebar. There is also a Facebook community which you are welcome to be part of. 

I hope that you find encouragement in this space. 

Grace and peace. 







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